Thursday, May 3, 2012

Love Hotel Stock Options

Hey! Back again for some more unrelated tidbits of info: The government of Japan are trying to find ways to get people to have more children as the birth rate is going down.  Better housing and more child care options were suggested however, with these old boy, government official farts at the helm of this dilemma, nothing was done. They just didn't get it with their farm mentality on procreativity. Next subject is about hotels/motels that cater to hourly rentals. You guys must know what I'm talking about - right? Well in the Orient they're called "love hotels", very original name in my opinion! It has more of an atmosphere of rauncy elegance, designed with an admirable single-minded of purpose.... even a first timer wouldn't be left wondering what supposed to happen next.  At one point of my life I was thinking of buying some stock in one of those big hotel companies that was listed as an "up and coming" business venture. With my luck I'd end up cleaning toilets instead of enjoying the profits. I think the deciding factor was that I would feel nauseous spinning around on the circular water bed under a mirrored ceiling. At least everything was pink and black - my favorite color combination, you know the poodle thing.  I must tell you about my historical Meiji era bad woman (my hero!) called  Takahashi Oden. She managed to wack more men than you can count. A real black widow spider. If she didn't like you - you're done. Was strung up high for her crimes. Sorry to see her go .   Wasn't that enough?  Yeah?  Okay, bye.
                                         Mountain Mama Japan

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