Friday, May 24, 2013


Hey! So here we are again.... and again! So what's up with you guys? Okay, don't get huffy-puffy, just checking it out.I've been thinking about these two powerful words (that's all I can cram into my head at one time. Forgive me,I'm no multi-tasker!) And they are: "enabling" and "accountability". I think that it's about choices people make and others around them who let,encourage,or aid them to continue these actions, whether they be good or damaging. If people are in fact ill or disabled they must be helped by taxpayers to remain contributing, dignitified members of society. No one can argue about that - however, the problem I do have has to do with funding people who are NOT accountable for themselves. These people manage to do this by grossly overeating and getting to the point where they are unable to move - let alone work - as seen on some US reality shows who love to shock and awe.  They hog the already over burdened government assistanced  programs to supply electric wheelchair among other expensive services to them. I've seen people surrounded with their little enablers be it friends or family, fluttering around  doing what they should be doing for themselves. What the public should "enable" them with are not automatically giving services, but FORCED EDUCATION - the why's, how's, where's and when,s this happened in the first place before things get 'atta wack and they wind up with huge health problems if not already. Yes "tough love" is alive and well according to Mountain Mama! This educational approach should include getting to the root of emotional issues for choosing such lifestyles as well as the usual(and boring) diet and exercise.  Enough of this already?  Okay, got it. I'm getting depressed too. Now some fun stuff: "Money makes you poor" You're kidding right?  "Revenge feels good only for a moment" Yep, I know about that too. And last: "Change is the right combination of discomfort and hope". Now, you guys "hope" that I'm out of here and so do I!  Bye-bye see you....                       Mountain Mama Japan