Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Hi again to all of the hardy survivors of Mountain Mama Japan! Got some stuff to share with you guys: It's those sassy coffee shops that seem to serve everything but everything but - hello out there!  COFFEE! Plain coffee. That's all I want in a "coffee shop". It has become harder to order since coffee doesn't seem to be just coffee anymore. It's all this other fattening fancy-schmancy stuff dumped in it.I don't want a big tuchis like you so there! I asked them: "So where's the coffee?" Like in the old CM where the granny asked "Where's the beef?"  I got a "fuhgeddaboutit!" and/or "kiss my ax" look from the server with the big butt. C'mon! Book you too.  Now, how about a few in yo' face  edgy messages to make your day? Okay here goes: "Walk in the direction that you want to go no matter what happens" While you're deeply digesting the spirituality of this "message from beyond" Don't walk off of a cliff moron. I'll leave you with one last one that strikes a personal chord with me:  "Anything closer to FREE rhymes with ME! Yup! I'm in charge....  See you next time folks - don't do anything crazy.
                                  Mountain Mama Japan