Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mountain Mama JAPAN: Toxic Bod Issues

Mountain Mama JAPAN: Toxic Bod Issues: Hello, hello.... How are we today? Yeah? That bad is it? Well, fuhgeddaboutit and listen to this: The best company manager/leader isn't abo...

Toxic Bod Issues

Hello, hello.... How are we today? Yeah? That bad is it? Well, fuhgeddaboutit and listen to this:  The best company manager/leader isn't about any particular individual but it is the meeting of customer needs, achieving long-term growth and success for shareholders and employees, as well as being passionate about the company's products and services. Gee, it sounds like the dream team or something! On the other hand, someone who doesn't have the ability or belief makes him/her toxic. A lack of understanding what it takes to grow, scale down or adapt will outdate his future worth to the organization. Know anyone here? I do! And it ain't me. *Now a great thought about personal perfection. "Why do you need to be so perfect on earth? Is there a report card waiting for you in heaven? " Never heard this from the guy upstairs. * Haven't been giving any new ideas on dieting, or lack of lately. Well, guys don't think that I forgot about the bod issue, I've been busy that's all. Now is the time to start thinking about what goes down this summer. Yo! the beach thing is looming. All you have to do is walk - I've been after you before about this. Do it every day! Hey - book you too! Don't get high falutin with me pal - just get out there. And NO Starbucks/ Mac/ pizza house on the way back honey. In a few months you will be toned up - and HOT.  Good luck - love ya too.  I admit that I change my tune when I talk turkey. It's very emotional. Look, I like you readers to feel and look your best - like gorgeous forever!  Enough said - so it's rendezvous time!  One-two, one-two.  Swing those bat wings while you jiggle down the street to the beat of your own drummer.  See you! 
                                                         Mountain Mama Japan

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mountain Mama JAPAN: Anti Mousey

Mountain Mama JAPAN: Anti Mousey: Hey! What's up? Still hanging in there? Great, I'm happy that you're here too. Now, to get down to business.... What is with this Micky cr...

Anti Mousey

Hey! What's up? Still hanging in there? Great, I'm happy that you're still here.   Now, to get down to business....  What is with this Micky craperoo? anybody else sick and tired of the mouse stuff? Can I mention the "D" word? No, not divorce but Disneyland. Sure the kids love it and bully for them. But give me a break guys - Disney has spread itself thin over the millions of years since Walt has come up with the idea. Now the logo is on EVERYTHING like stuff that adults use and get this - toilet seats. I refuse to sit down and squash a "mouse". How about you?  People in Japan are getting hitched by the droves at the Disney hotels. Included in this crazyness are life sized characters that dance around the newly wedded kiddies.   Give me a Goofy any day! Got some upbeat stuff to relate -  "When you're truly happy - you don't care about being judged by others"  Ain't that true?  Next tidbit is about the Extreme Rush Junkie. It's someone  who actually enjoys doing risky activities like to name a few: Jumping off of cliffs into God knows where, tightroping between two buildings without a net and more. Do you know anyone like this?  Or should I say, Do you know anyone who "expired" like this?  I knew a few of these morans, never was impressed with the action, just thought that they were demented. Now how about some mellow words seen on tee shirts? "Over here Sweetie"  and  "Memory Motel * Hey - it happened way back - OK?"
             Bye-bye to all the Mickeys of the world,  Mountain Mama Japan

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mountain Mama JAPAN: Bargains for Tightwads

Mountain Mama JAPAN: Bargains for Tightwads: Hi to everyone brave enough to read this! You know with the screwed-up economy these days, just to hear the word "bargain" is like music to...

Bargains for Tightwads

Hi  everyone brave enough to read this!  You know with the screwed-up economy these days, just to hear the word "bargain" is like music to our ears. Well, what about the meaning of a "true bargain, special price, discount", or another million ways to say: Come 'n get it folks it's CHEAP! I'm just saying what it means to you alone. So how does the process start? Mental stuff that you can't shake when you wake up in the morning. Like the feeling that nothing is going your way at home or at work. You hit the stores right! Nothing better than a little instant "treat" - better than patting yourself on your back (easier said than done according to me, did some serious damage with my arm socket). Anyway, that's one kind of person with the stress issues. Another kind of person is Mr./Ms.Perfect  who checks the internet or other sources for info about the product first. I prefer to go by word of mouth - remembering the time before machines and phones were invented. Hey! I'm starting to lose it even when any word that sounds like a SALE is uttered. Help I'm drooling! All I need are the bright lights, the action and the sound - the roar of the crowds and I'm right there in the middle of everything. So, from now, the only thing I can say as a former, reformed shop-aholic with boarding OCD hoarder tendencies, and self-appointed counselor to the masses, the truth is simple: buy only something you LOVE, never, never settle for: "Eh! it's okay, oh well".  It might or might not be the least expensive or God forbid! NOT a sale item,but you will enjoy looking at it and use it until it wears out. And this is the moral of what a true bargain is! So do I have to "sell" you on my own qualifications for this brilliant assessment? All right - I am an authority on this 'cause I can be a total cheapskate when I want to be. Hands down, I'm cheaper than you'll ever be, even if you''re from New York (no offense intended). That's why I know my stuff.  Are we finished here? I hope so. I'm getting so stressed  and twitchy. Gotta hit the mall. Don't fight me on this.
                                                     Bye,  Mountain Mama Japan over and out

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mountain Mama JAPAN: Doggy Tattoos Rule!

Mountain Mama JAPAN: Doggy Tattoos Rule: Hi! I just have one burning question: Do I have to play the count down game when the snow, cold (may I squeeze in MISERY) is over and done w...

Doggy Tattoos Rule!

Hi! I just have one burning question: Do I have to play the count down game when the snow, cold (may I squeeze in MISERY) is over and done with? Is there anyone else with me? Sheesh! how can you love it? Especially if you're a thousand years old like I am. I'm done with the "fun" sporty snow stuff that kids love to do out there. So here I am stuck with the adult leftovers of shoveling, cursing busted water pipes, and hauling kerosene to fill up the "high tech" yeah right....  heaters. Never once have I gotten the entire thing in without spilling it - kinda my trademark. So, what's new with you? Oh, nothing? I thought so. Does that mean that I have to carry the whole burden of entertaining you?  Oi vay ( for you New Yorkers).  Hello! is there anyone home? Just a little bit more - force yourself to stay here! Okay.... another HOT subject of crucial interest:  PET TATTOOS.  Actually it's done with wipe-off ink so that these newbie tat artist/owners think that it's the cat's meow ( or if you want to go further back in history: the bee's knees) of doggy/kitty coolness. God, what about the animals whose hair is dyed to match "mommy's"? I've seen, more than once in beautiful downtown Tokyo, couples strutting around with some yappy dogs in a baby carriage, sporting little outfits that cost a mint. How _ ussy whipped are these guys anyway?  Now for the highlights of the day!  Ready and waiting with your tongues hanging out? Yeah? Okay, here goes: As seen on a tee shirt: DRUNK DUDES LOVE ME  and on another one:  DRUNK CHICKS LOVE ME  I could never figure out which gender should wear which. That's your job to do. Oh, a last tiny one I saw:  Leave That Loser  N-O-W.  Sounds good....    Bye
                                                          Mountain Mama Japan