Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bargains for Tightwads

Hi  everyone brave enough to read this!  You know with the screwed-up economy these days, just to hear the word "bargain" is like music to our ears. Well, what about the meaning of a "true bargain, special price, discount", or another million ways to say: Come 'n get it folks it's CHEAP! I'm just saying what it means to you alone. So how does the process start? Mental stuff that you can't shake when you wake up in the morning. Like the feeling that nothing is going your way at home or at work. You hit the stores right! Nothing better than a little instant "treat" - better than patting yourself on your back (easier said than done according to me, did some serious damage with my arm socket). Anyway, that's one kind of person with the stress issues. Another kind of person is Mr./Ms.Perfect  who checks the internet or other sources for info about the product first. I prefer to go by word of mouth - remembering the time before machines and phones were invented. Hey! I'm starting to lose it even when any word that sounds like a SALE is uttered. Help I'm drooling! All I need are the bright lights, the action and the sound - the roar of the crowds and I'm right there in the middle of everything. So, from now, the only thing I can say as a former, reformed shop-aholic with boarding OCD hoarder tendencies, and self-appointed counselor to the masses, the truth is simple: buy only something you LOVE, never, never settle for: "Eh! it's okay, oh well".  It might or might not be the least expensive or God forbid! NOT a sale item,but you will enjoy looking at it and use it until it wears out. And this is the moral of what a true bargain is! So do I have to "sell" you on my own qualifications for this brilliant assessment? All right - I am an authority on this 'cause I can be a total cheapskate when I want to be. Hands down, I'm cheaper than you'll ever be, even if you''re from New York (no offense intended). That's why I know my stuff.  Are we finished here? I hope so. I'm getting so stressed  and twitchy. Gotta hit the mall. Don't fight me on this.
                                                     Bye,  Mountain Mama Japan over and out


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    1. Thanks for your feedback Arianna. Good luck on your blog! Mountain Mama Japan