Wednesday, June 19, 2013


 Hey! Ready for a brand new post from Mountain Mama? No? Well you're getting it anyway 'cause I seem to be in the mood or something - the weather sucks - a typhoon on top of the rainy season. Ugh.  Okay, here's what's happening at those USA redneck state fairs they torture people with every year. The idea sounds good though bringing people together looking at livestock and eating until they bust. The problem I have with this is - what the hell are those people frying up all this time? Not to be believed by folks living out of the states -  Look, as I just said EVERYTHING but EVERYTHING is fried at one of these fairs. Let's start with FRIED caviar - Maybe it's their only stab at looking like rich people.And how about the fried spinach dish? Gotta do the healthy thing right? Next on the cholesterol parade of who's gonna get the next coronary.... Drum roll please! No it's not fried ice cream - but FRIED BEER! Yeah! Hot on the outside and cold on the inside. Can't wait to suck that up in the hot Texas sun. Is all this normal? I guess so - people need these foods - they didn't get so chubby by eating boring bland stuff every day like me.   * Now, one or two more points before I sign off:  Tell the kids to cover their eyes/ears for this one: A tee shirt slogan I really saw in Tokyo and had to write down - it was displayed on an innocent 12 year old's front: "I'm Here for the Blowjob"  Good God. On the back of this someone's sweet daughter tee read: "Fuck You, You Fucking Fuck". WOW, where can I order a fried iced coffee around here? 'Gotta cool down.   See you guys next time.... Everybody stay home where it's safe.      Mountain Mama Japan