Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Vulgar Mama

Hey there - Yo!  What's going on? Have you guys been keeping up with your walking all this time? No-o- I haven't checked lately. Look. it's only a little walking - not asking you to lift a thousand pounds or something. What do you need a push from a Jewish mama? Okay.... I;m pushing - so do it already. Ten thousand steps a day gets you a skinny tushie like me (sort of).  Good - now about my next favorite subject - Vulgarity.  Ha! Well, for your information it's a hell of alot more exciting than supposed "good taste", which is nothing more than a standardized way of looking at things. I smell mass bordom in the making.   There is a new language quiz/exercise book out on the market especially designed for teachers who talk too much and or want to save their voices to scream at their spouses at home. The lessons are geared to shut up the instructors and let the students take the floor for a change.  It must be a best seller especially in Japan.   Another new book out is a 1-2-3 dirt cheap/easy cookbook for slobs. The recipes creatively throw together anything you can find in the 50% off bin at the supermarket. I warn you - it ain't fancy but even if you've never boiled water, you can handle these "stew" looking recipes like a pro.   Can we please move on to the next topic? Yeah? no problem - were ya still thinking what the 1-2-3- means?  Slam bam thank you ma'am comes to mind - but that's my vulgar mind in action.  So, you kept with it, you managed to read up till here - I'm so proud of you!  Does that mean you are out there w-a-l-k-i-ng today?  No? I'm being naggy?  Okay - you.... this is punishment! ten push-ups and lifting two 1 quart bottles filled of water high above your head. Don't knock over your halo while you're up there.    Love you too,
                                                 Mountain  Mama  Japan


  1. I've been walking - and curious about yuor reference - did you stumble upon my walkin to Jambo blog?

  2. Thanks for your comment but I never read your blog. You must be in good shape by now if you've been walking! Good luck.