Saturday, November 17, 2012

Deranged Pack of Squirrels

Hey there! It's been a while again but been deeply thinking about the next hot topic - which is our old friend when we are down and out, mostly when we move - NO it's not money - it's that rental locker/ someones' attic/ storage unit/ cartons etc. Well, the only think that I can think of folks is - DON"T DO IT. Throw the stuff away, sell it or give it to charity. There I said it! Look, in reality, if you really don't use it now or very soon - trust me on this, YOU NEVER WILL. Toys the kids don't play with anymore, Christmas presents from Auntie someone (guilty!) or houshold stuff that's seen a better day - you know "Out of sight out of mind" saying. Well, it can cause major stress (don't I know!)  if you have to wade through the carnage daily. It's a hell of alot easier to get rid of the problem by dumping it in a storage space. Then the hard part is keeping up with the monthly payment. What about if it's in your cellar and it gets wet? Hello mildew and mold. Totally unusable. Fire, theft (honored if they love my stuff), mice or cockroaches - yum-yum! Did you ever try to wear an article of clothing after it got wet, stinks, with moth holes gracing the front? May I add the arrangement of the holes is look better than some modern art in a fancy overpriced gallery. Okay, take this quick test - tell me you couldn't stop at ONE storage area - like you get addicted and need more and more space as you collect things in life. You know - you can't stop at one tattoo - you need another one, then that gets old and you are planning for a third? Well the unit guys are getting rich on your obsession. What you "forget about" there goes to auction - there's even a TV show about this. Are we as humans a pack of deranged squirrels hiding our loot? I'm reformed - healed this mini hording illness on my own and now choose to live with less. I'll be glad to help anyone with this "disorder" since I'm a survivor!  See you next time guys.   
                                                 Mountain Mama Japan

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  1. Oh Yes! Try 26 boxes of books, shoes falling out of the shoe cupboard, at least 80 pieces of artwork, bills from long ago, pens that no longer work (though not sure which ones), bags of electronic leads that I no longer know which equipment they are for and even if we still have that equipment even if I knew what it was.....Aggghhhhhh!!!!