Sunday, February 19, 2012

Anti Mousey

Hey! What's up? Still hanging in there? Great, I'm happy that you're still here.   Now, to get down to business....  What is with this Micky craperoo? anybody else sick and tired of the mouse stuff? Can I mention the "D" word? No, not divorce but Disneyland. Sure the kids love it and bully for them. But give me a break guys - Disney has spread itself thin over the millions of years since Walt has come up with the idea. Now the logo is on EVERYTHING like stuff that adults use and get this - toilet seats. I refuse to sit down and squash a "mouse". How about you?  People in Japan are getting hitched by the droves at the Disney hotels. Included in this crazyness are life sized characters that dance around the newly wedded kiddies.   Give me a Goofy any day! Got some upbeat stuff to relate -  "When you're truly happy - you don't care about being judged by others"  Ain't that true?  Next tidbit is about the Extreme Rush Junkie. It's someone  who actually enjoys doing risky activities like to name a few: Jumping off of cliffs into God knows where, tightroping between two buildings without a net and more. Do you know anyone like this?  Or should I say, Do you know anyone who "expired" like this?  I knew a few of these morans, never was impressed with the action, just thought that they were demented. Now how about some mellow words seen on tee shirts? "Over here Sweetie"  and  "Memory Motel * Hey - it happened way back - OK?"
             Bye-bye to all the Mickeys of the world,  Mountain Mama Japan

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