Sunday, February 26, 2012

Toxic Bod Issues

Hello, hello.... How are we today? Yeah? That bad is it? Well, fuhgeddaboutit and listen to this:  The best company manager/leader isn't about any particular individual but it is the meeting of customer needs, achieving long-term growth and success for shareholders and employees, as well as being passionate about the company's products and services. Gee, it sounds like the dream team or something! On the other hand, someone who doesn't have the ability or belief makes him/her toxic. A lack of understanding what it takes to grow, scale down or adapt will outdate his future worth to the organization. Know anyone here? I do! And it ain't me. *Now a great thought about personal perfection. "Why do you need to be so perfect on earth? Is there a report card waiting for you in heaven? " Never heard this from the guy upstairs. * Haven't been giving any new ideas on dieting, or lack of lately. Well, guys don't think that I forgot about the bod issue, I've been busy that's all. Now is the time to start thinking about what goes down this summer. Yo! the beach thing is looming. All you have to do is walk - I've been after you before about this. Do it every day! Hey - book you too! Don't get high falutin with me pal - just get out there. And NO Starbucks/ Mac/ pizza house on the way back honey. In a few months you will be toned up - and HOT.  Good luck - love ya too.  I admit that I change my tune when I talk turkey. It's very emotional. Look, I like you readers to feel and look your best - like gorgeous forever!  Enough said - so it's rendezvous time!  One-two, one-two.  Swing those bat wings while you jiggle down the street to the beat of your own drummer.  See you! 
                                                         Mountain Mama Japan

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