Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Anti - Drama Queens

Hi again.... and again!   Got some thoughts about the differences of a New Yorker and a Tokyo persons' psyche. In New York you must constantly assert yourself - if you don't, you won't get anywhere. You have to say everything, It's always necessary to verbalize every thought, every feeling.  Sure it's an exciting city, with all the entertainment and culture available but pl-e-a-s-e!  give me a break with all the drama!  Tokyites are learning fast but are still a different breed. Everything is so orderly. People act in a certain way because of their ranking in this vertical society. * Now anyone up for some more grammatical howlers seen on jackets and tee shirts? 
 #1 EVERYTHING!   Ugh....  Sooner or Later We Begin to Resemble (act like) Our Worst Enemies.   (gotta think more about this one)  and another one that will wake you guys up:   XXXRated - Girls Girls Girls Nude, Lewd, and Crude   ( just thinking about the equal rights stuff) and a last one that brings me to wonder how anyone could actually design something like this:    TOKYO SUCKS!   ( I never said New York sucks - at least give me some credit here!)       Bye for now    Mountain Mama Japan

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