Friday, March 23, 2012

Fear Factor

Hey You Guys! Whatz-up? Wanna hear something on everyone being afraid today? Yeah.... fear of bombs, wars, disasters, dieases, getting fat, not getting rich and successful, and last but not least, the fear of looking dumb. Like there must be millions of other fears people have - too many to list here. Since I have listed my "favorite" fear of not looking dumb - I guess I can continue on to gripe about lost articles. Would you believe missing a sock or a glove? Cause everything gotta be in a pair with me. My OCD personality is kicking in when I don't see two things that are supose to be a pair, together. God it's annoying. A single sport shoe kills me too. Well the good part is you only need ONE hat at a time cause you should have only ONE head - and that's a relief. See folks - I'm not that dumb!   * Talking about success stories is when you're on your way to a lifetime goal - the worst thing that can happen is summed up in one word:  DISTRACTION. Lots of self-help books talk about this very thing.  So stay focused already!  Listen to me! I'm the authority around here! ( Didn't I write in a past blog; AUTHORITY SUCKS!)?  Whoops.   See Ya all again....  
                                                      Mountain Mama Japan 


  1. Distraction - what was I gonna say???

    1. Thanks for you feedback - but now I'm distracted with your distraction. Do you remember what you were going to say in the first place?