Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Trailer Park Mama

Hey you guys! Still around - like alive? Good....  That means you'll want to read this.    Just a little word about taxi drivers in Tokyo - They often get lost, granted there are no individual street addresses, but a tangled, incomprehensible mix of unrelated numbers residing side by side. Okay! the cabbies are forgiven for this. I do have another beef with these formally dressed and well groomed gentlemen - it must be thrilling to them to ignore potential customers on a cold, wet night. Unless you hold up two or three fingers which means you're desperate enought to pay double or triple the fare, No stop-y. Look, they don't make any tips (not a custom in this country) so there's no incentive to be nice like we are!   * One more thing about beautiful Japan:  They love nature!  As long as it doesn't take up too much space - and can be sold for an enormous profit.  Like bonsai - tiny trees that take up so much time to care for it leave no time for work or family. Never heard of a "bonsai widow" or "bonsai divorce" but you never know. *  Wanna hear some more tee-shirt slogans? No? Well you're gonna hear it anyway "cause it's killing me to remember all this stuff.    HEY LIVER LIPS!   Not so funny? Okay, I'll try another one or two: " Anything closer to FREE rhymes with me!"  No again? Gee, I don't want to screw up anymore - got some pride!  Alright, here goes:  How to look cool:  dangling pair of dice over your dashboard, pink flamigos on your weedy, postage stamp sized lawn and last but not least - drum roll please....  a wobbly hula dancer figurine also gracing your crowded car dashboard.  What an intense statement!  I was just describing my current situation (and I don't think that I'm trailer park trash - not yet but might be headed that way!)  Bye everybody - I'm afraid to write more about this except for the new 'tat I need - like a hole in the head.                     Mountain Mama Japan

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