Thursday, April 5, 2012

Geek Capitol of the World

Hi folks! Ready for an important announcement of "Geek of the Week" award?  Yep, your truly won hands down! Quite an honor for a former motorcycle gang type fashion/tattoo look to a conservative, mono colored appearance kind of gal. Why the huge change?  I don't know - maybe I love boring myself to death or something. Look, geeks/nerds EXIST plain as that.  I don't know much about what they do but they are brainy. In high school while I was doing my cool stuff like baton twirling, they were burning the midnight oil studing how living things moved - too high tech even to pronounce the words. At this point of my life I have become immersed in technology - like how to use one of those new-fangled phones. Just press the "call" button when wanting to make a call. God was that hard or what? With all of the great advances in Japan (tagged as the geek capitol of the world especially because of the anime boom I imagine),  these guys are running amuck all over the place. So what happened to all the dopier ones? The party animals are dead. Can't chill anymore - and that why I migrated into this group. No more telling my joke about the factory that makes novelities such as whoopee cushions and plastic dog doo. That's what I'll miss the most I think.  My new friends force me to use my noggin and that could be risky. It  opened up a can of worms as they say. Now my smarty- pants friends have led me to become vocal in political issues here. I'm anti everything.  Ban the nukes!!           See you again,  Mountain Mama Japan

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