Saturday, April 21, 2012

Skinny Bitching

Hi guys! What's up with you?  A-okay over here.  Well, I do have a real serious subject to share with you:  FOOD and EATING ....and  EATING and FOOD. Just think, like use your imagination - like ALOT! What if humans didn't ever have the need to eat again? You know what that means, in terms of thinking about it,(obsessing) about it daily, worring about tainted, unsafe additives, crowded supers, preparing meals, and never dealing with FOOD ISSUES? Restaurants wouldn't exist and kitchens could be used for extra living room space. No one but no one would get fat again. No more counting calories or the other heavy stuff connected with it would happen, nor would many of the chronic health problems from poor eating habits. No more stress about food, food, food!! Just think of all the extra time you would have in the day to do the activities that you want to. Another important point is how much money you could save - no more food bills or  splurging on expensive meals. There is understandably a huge market in the food industry. This will cease to exist and new industries will emerge. New grass roots! Just how much pleasure do you get from a chocolate bar, piece of fried chicken, hamburger with a side of fries, or cheese cake?  Tons - yeah?  Well folks - hate to disappoint you but if there isn't any of THIS kind of pleasure, you will have to find NEW ways of having your "pleasure buttons" pressed!  A few suggestions from the in-house expert - yours truly is:  Hanging out more with people you want to be with, doing more stuff outdoors in natural settings, spending quality time on work and family (remember no more weighing the prospects of what or what not to eat). The last idea is far the best!  Sex!  That could push a few pleasure buttons out there!  The moral of this story is to transfer the feelings - like the rush you get from the act of putting things into your mouth -  yum yum words are no more - to other activities. This takes extensive training but worth it 'cause you'll become a skinny bitch in no time!  Okay! The science fiction lesson is over for today. See you next time....
                                                  Mountain Mama Japan  

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