Friday, June 15, 2012

Mt. Fuji Wannabe

Hi there everyone in this intense rainy season!  Got a little gripe with all the news coverage about the new tallest in the world antenna (and may I say the ugliest in the world) Tokyo latest attraction. To little 'ol humble me, it looks like a man's private parts. Gimme a break guys. I can't stand all the trumpet blowing about this thing. What the hell was wrong with the late, great Tokyo Tower? It just had a few miles on it - like yours truly! Ha! The final straw was how the "Sky Tree" - the name also kills me - is being compared to Mt. Fuji!  Good God folks, please don't do that as "my" mountain is a real spirtual treasure - some say she's angry and ready to blow her top - like in volcano and lava - hope not in my time though!   Well, all in all,  wonder if Sky Tree will be swaying to and fro during an earthquake ending up like a Japanese version of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  So what else is happening? Nada....    How about some more tee shirt goodies?  REAL Wealth is Judged by Freedom.   We Are Now What We Did Then.   Unemployed - Un- Everything and Loving It!  One last one to keep you nice and bored:  NO GREEN, NO LIFE, NOTHING MOVES BUT THOUGHTS IN YOUR HEAD.        Bye Bye as you try to figure what that means....                       Mountain Mama Japan

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