Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pleasure Forever Diet

Hey - What's up folks?  Did anyone of you hear about the "Pleasure Forever Diet"? No?  Okay, it's about self-regulation rather than self-control. Are you still with me here? Good, then I can continue with my brilliant theory: It is also not about willpower but it is about tackling your emotional issues first. Once you've done this, maybe with some self-help books or professional guidance, you are on your way to looking HOT! and healthy!  WOW stuff is happening!  Well rooty-toot-toot for you pal - you got it! What was the word again? Yep - SELF-REGULATION.  Now about the diet itself:  No, once again, it's not any fad diet to get to your fighting weight, but a maintance food plan to do for the rest of your life. It's like basically, three meals a day and two or three small snacks spaced in between so you don't flip out and eat your shirt or something. Haven't I said this kind of thing before on previous blogs? Well, you decide exactly what you should shovel into your mouth by studying about carbs, fats, proteins in a healthy balance( what's the problem? - it's not that hard) then you can put together a loose, a little flexible diet that's right for yourself. This way you may include small amounts of chocolate, pizza, hey! even junk food!  But I did say "tiny" didn't I? You're safe now - now that you have a way to go forever. With this diet, you'll be alive and kicking for the next one hundred years - hanging out with me, side by side in our matching rocking chairs!    Next topic - if you can call it that - is about kids today and how they are not children but (very) mature people in little bodies probably due to being introduced to all that hi-tech stuff too soon .  The age of being a true kid is over with parents living in in a make-believe wonderland while rearing them. They are either too strict, like self-described "monster parents" at school, or act so marshmallow-y that they don't guide, just react after the kid's bad actions by whinning, or yelling some empty threats - totally ineffective. Both extremes suck - really suck. Good luck if you can find some happy balance in all of this.  See you next time - I hope not in jail.
                                          Mountain Mama Japan

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