Monday, October 1, 2012

Part Time Pregnant

Hey guys! Yeah it's been a while and my excuse is - are you ready for this? Okay - I couldn't think of anything to write! Love my own excuse....   Well I do have some soulful insights that I'm sure  you can't wait to hear about:  Now let's see - Oh, here they are:  The trick in life is to find a place, a job, a role, a marriage or partnership and family as well as a position in society that allows you to be who you really are and remain authentic to yourself.  Now I'm getting warmed-up!  So the next one is about "luck"  It's when opportunity meets preparation ( Don't agree? Well mother told you NOT to throw those chips around the gambling table!)   On aging - Some people are old at 30 - oldness happens when you don't have or lose sight of your dreams. Our lives are as much shaped by decisions as anything else. I believe that at every moment you are making at least three decisions - what you are going to focus on, what does it mean and what you're going to do about it. The difference between people is HOW they make those decisions as well. Okay, I've had enough of this spiritual crapola. Got a real serious dilemma about something that's come up during the political race in the U.S.  One candidate stated he is pro-life always! - however FOR abortion in cases of rape etc., Now, what my problem with this is: then he's FOR abortion - like being pro-choice because you are either for or against it no matter what the reasons are. It's like being half pregnant - how does that work?  I'm outta here pondering the meaning of life (again)....  See 'ya when I see 'ya.
                                                  Mountain Mama Japan  


  1. I've decided to forget my age and hope everyone else does as well...
    Totally agree that we shape our own destiny by the thoughts in our head plus a little luck.
    Blaming other people or circumstances never helped anyone.

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