Sunday, December 30, 2012

Aging Whiners

Hi everyone on this (almost) last day of 2012. I have one more gripe that I gotta stick in - What does "aging gracefully" mean?  Like are there any set rules that society demands? According to Mountain Mama (who claims to be a thousand years old), there are people who are born with old souls and others (me for example!) Ha! born with young souls. No matter what the number is you're always young - may look young, act young or think young, and that there is a vast future with many possibilities to experience yet. Now, for this graceful stuff - does that mean "naturally" let things go like the hair, bod, energy levels? You fill in the rest of the aging stuff - too much for me to do here. Well, you woman blessed with a secure relationship, finances, and support system can comfortably  pack on a "few" pounds, let the gray roots be seen by the masses - what the hell!  Take your "graceful" someplace else. You guys can fade away! - gives the other half less competition. I'm personally for doing what I can without going under the knife. Keep it all together for as long as I can. It's empowering. If I can control at least some of the processes - then I will make the choice to do it. I don't have much sympathy for the whiny guys who didn't take care of themselves, abused their bods and developed chronic stuff in later life. So with my anti-aging campaign in mind, have fun in the new year - just watch the boozy, druggy, and ciggies. Yeah?  See you next.... Hey you! respect your elders.
                                                    Mountain Mama Japan

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