Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ban World Food Mauling!

Hi people!  Great start to the new year - rapidly getting a little frayed around the corners since we're moving into the second month. What's this about a "fresh start" crap? Still got millions of stuff to do - no different than before. Whoops! forgot to be positive - okay, I can ignore everything - like get lazy/hazy and do what sounds good for me. Well, I have a real issue that you should know about: It's how food is touched to death by chefs/cooks around the world. Why would kitchen professionals arrange/adjust/move/alter/modify/finger. and literally kill the original shape/size/color/texture of food? The worst offenders have to be Japanese chefs - "In the name of art" they proclaim. Well folks, I have a thing or two to say to these guys - STOP mauling it now! So says Mountain Mama, the country bumpkin from the boonies. You're here to take my advice, right? Well - just gather it/wash it/ dump it in an all purpose pot and cook the thing(s) until it stops moving and you will have the meal that any top chef from any country will be so-o envious of! Might even win one of those fancy awards from France! Had enough already? No? Okay one more: You heard me say "GO BIG OR GO HOME"? Now I'm saying: "BE NICE OR GO HOME".  That means me - so bye now....
                                            Mountain Mama Japan   on my way out for sushi

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