Sunday, January 22, 2012

Big Nose Diet

Hey guys!  Here we are again for some more things you need to know. How about some more nagging about the beauty of dieting? Ok? great. A few tips to remind you about your mental state which keeps you focused FOREVER!  Put a "before" photo of yours truly smack where your will eyeball it as you slide open the refrigerator/shelves/cubbyholes or other hiding places. This is visual inspiration to the max which helps with the staying power thing. You folks over that certain age - don't mean to be rude, or come on too strongly - you know, the bifocals set -don't forget to plaster them across your face, no excuses that you couldn't hone in on it. Next is looking at your OVERALL progress - rather than those daily torturing weigh-ins. I think that it's more stressful than trying to squeeze into something and hearing it go r-i-p in a dressing room of a high-end shop with bitchy (and skinny) sales help.  Another thought is to stay clear of your friendly sabotagers. Misery loves company as the saying goes - yep, avoid them like the plague.  One good one is keeping your sneakers, dumb bells (why the hell are they called that?) treadmills (Oh God, love to trip over these things on a toilet run in the middle of the night) and workout clothes - stinky as they are - all out in plain sight. You people with an OCD condition of hoarding with enjoy this sight every morning when you wake up!  Last on Mountain Mama's short list is to read others' success stories a great motivator unless the ending isn't so happy - you know where I'm going with this - Hee Hee! they managed to gain it all back and then some more.  Good luck to you! And if you want to stay on my good side, DON'T screw this up.   And now my pet peeve of the day is all about the narrow wine/drinking glasses offered here in Japan in some fancy-smancy watering hole - err... restaurant. Look, let's be honest, with a honker like mine there is NO way in hell that I can squeeze it into such a narrow hole, sip the contents like a lady and withdraw it with the liquid still in my mouth, without the entire population of the restaurant sucking in their breaths simultaneously at the foreigners great feat. Now I know that's why the waiters brings over wide mouth glasses when they see me coming. Must even have a nose measuring stick stuck in a drawer some place for this purpose. Write in if you ever heard of such a thing. So, I unburdened my soul! That's what this blog is all about! Glad it hit home. Don't ask me what you can look foward to in the next one, I don't know....       Whew! is it over? Sort of. I guess so.  Goodbye and - oh, stop rattling me, I'm trying to end this thing. Ok, this is  bye-bye.   bye.                                          Mountain Mama Japan

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  1. Long legs also bump against low tables - got bruises to prove it!