Saturday, January 28, 2012

Internet Date Site Freaks

Hi everyone on the coldest day of 2012. Welcome to the land of hypochondriacs. They really have something to worry about when graphic pictures of athlete's foot sufferers greet you at the door of every drug store in Japan. C'mon, it's gross.  Another "tip" from you know who - this time on the internet dating site photos. Look, I'll be up front and honest with you guys, NO ONE, but NO ONE cares what great activities you do, how smart you are (save that kudo for mommy) or that you're built, equipped (figure that one out doo-doo head) if you look like a freak in your profile pic. Take a second to have the honey bees buzzing around  - put on a clean shirt, fix your do, avoid ducktails and mallot cuts please. Retro/spiky is okay (according to me). Even if you think that you're u-gu-ly (can't say ugly) flash a nice friendly smile, always a winner! and wait for the ladies to line up 'cause YOU HOT BRAH.  You know today I can't talk about Plain Jane because the next chapter about is too painful but in time I can tell it all to you - just wait. Okay just a tad more about it....If I start acting weird or creepy I'll stop. Jane knew that she would be creating a new set of rules for herself by looking at another society from the outside in. Scary. The part that I don't like was (if I may jump ahead a few weeks with this) is how she came to be a Ginza hostess. Stupid and grueling work - well, yeah.... it's tough sitting and entertaining some rich smucks ( one more reason to hate the  rich!).Some having serious personal hygiene issues( Maybe THAT 'S what was bothering me I don't know).  More about Jane's adventures next time if you can stand the suspense.  How about a cute closing thing before I have a breakdown? Yeah - here it goes: You can never escape your class - so quit trying already. And last: Screw the planet - save yourself....     Bye, I'm tuckered out....
Mountain Mama Japan

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