Friday, January 6, 2012

Fuzzy Logic 2012

Hey! So I heard that you want to enter a brand new, exciting phase in your life. Yeah, you do huh? Don't let me stop you - go for it! You know that I'll start nagging you about the results of all those holiday parties. Don't get coy, you know what I'm after. Did you take some of my tips seriously? Like the listing of everything that passes your lips for at least three days? It's the easiest 'cause you educate yourself on what you need to do personally.
So what's going on with Jane and her secret diary? Well, she was thinking that she would be starting a new phase too. Her ultimate mission looked like school, but it ranked a close second to the real  thing which was excitement - money and men!  Now, what could a real plain girl get what she wanted? Physical appearance comes first because that's what people see (and might form some unfair opinions about, but that's humans for you.) Next is the mental stuff - I don't mean to get mushy or soft here, but unless they know something about you before hand, or if you tell an impressive short and sweet BS story, people you first meet  will lose interest and move on to the next victim.  It sounds tough that only your mother cares about what a good heart you have, but it's a tough world out there. I learned to be kind to others (yeah, I do have a kind heart - oh, can I throw in  that I'm honest and generous (sort of) too? I do this for myself, it makes ME feel good to be nice to others. I told you that I'm a me-me-me kind of girl didn't I?  Anyway, the object of the story is that trust and honesty must be earned. The valuable stuff takes time. So folks, as your working your tuchie off at the gym and killing yourself from keeping your wrinkles lining up on the road map of your face,  think about  who you want to be for you. It's your soul. I hope that this makes sense for you, I can't even remember what I wrote already - I want to move on to the fluffier stuff:  How about a little slogan or two?  OK! got it. "My parents never wanted anything for me except that me to become them."  On a tee-shirt: In a big wide space you can feel free (and nervous), Drug of choice: (sex or food) - affair or eclair? " Use it or lose it!" ahem.... you know what I mean gentleman. Wow, I've had enough - haven't you?  
                                                   Bye bye    Mountain Mama Japan

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