Sunday, January 1, 2012

Core Values Suck

Hey! So I did say that I'll be seeing you after the holidays are over - but I couldn't wait 'cause I missed you guys!  Got some more stuff on relationships:  The only way to experience a relationship is to open up and be real. You can't romantize people, making them like characters in a book you love, getting caught up in the IDEA of someone rather who they really ARE. You must learn to see the person clearly along with their issues, challenges and all their great qualities which attracted you to them in the first place. Instead of holding back emotionally and showing a prettied-up version of yourself, it's okay to show vulnerabilities - the feeling is liberating and awesome at the same time. Sometime a so-called good relationship will end abruptly when the "honeymoon" phase is over. It only might have been bad timing or a sticky, unadvoidable life circumstance. Mourn a reasonable amount of time by feeling safe and protected, until getting back in the rat race. Healthy and positive!  What can I say? Stuff like this happens all the time, you're ahead of the game only if you're a Superman with coping skills. Now as it is I'm pondering the meaning of life - yes sirree folks, this may be the deepest thought that Mountain Mama has ever had! It's what life really is about:  #1 Making one decision after another, big or small daily, and the other,  #2 Solving problems big or small, also constantly, on a daily basis. Yep that's it! All about Life 101....
I wonder if I can charm you in another way now - like some snappy slogans: Road kill - is it dead or is it dinner? School is cool but playing hooky is hot! And finally last - lucky you:  A hooker's heart doesn't have the proverbial  heart of gold, but pocesses a calculating heart WITH gold. Ain't that true?
                          Catch 'ya later alligator....  Mountain Mama Japan