Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mental Block Clinic During the Holidays

Hel-lo!   Just gotta discuss a crucial issue affecting the entire population of Japan - No it's not what you think - look, I'll give you a hint:  worn when it's cold or when the cedars go beserk. Yeah? you know? It's also my main pet peeve.  It's those stupid surgical masks. They might serve their purpose during a world epidemic of a super-duper buggy things but - please folks don't use them when you don't put your make-up on. It's like when you have a bad hair day - on goes the hat. Another time people wear these things is if they are hiding from the world. Or they are in their OWN world. Some of these recluses need a little unconditional loving to get them to strip and show their naked souls (whoops! I mean face).  This leads me to another subject of why you're not good at relationships. Get close to someone and the next thing you know, you've given them the power to wound, betray, irritate, abandon  or bore you senseless. My general policy is to keep my distance, thus avoiding a lot of unruly emotion - in psychiatic circles, there are names for people like this:  ALONE and LONELY.
So what else do you want to hear about?  As the holiday season gets closer, how about a stressful family party thought?  As it turns out both sides of the our family wanted to have their Christmas parties on the same day and all I want to do is to sit at home drooling on anti-psychotic medication and planning their demises. I get so stressed-out at this time of the year that by New Years there is no need for confetti 'cause I can explode at will all over the area of your choice.  Fuhgeddaboutit! as they say in New York. So guys.... forget about it.  Have your own party in your own home this year. No need to go gallivanting around the globe. So, with that said, have a good one  and don't be a jerk, boozer, tacky or a turd. Just be you.  See you next year.
                                     Mountain Mama Japan

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