Thursday, December 8, 2011

Secret Diary of a Plain Jane Part 2 Sort of the beginning

Hi!     Thanks for stopping by again.  Well, maybe I should start from the beginning - no, not the very beginning 'cause that would bore me to death. If I ever chose to read (or plotz as New Yorkers say), through my diary,  maybe on my deathbed or something, with all of my great-grand children circling around waiting to move in for the kill, with the little brats thinking that this lonely blog was somehow connected with my last will and testament, making them instant baby millionaires - they are dead wrong! Actually all I did was write stuff down when I felt like writing stuff down. You can say it was for the main three people in my life: No, not daddy, mommy and you-name-it extra person - but it's simple:  ME, MYSELF, and I.  Couldn't do better than that. Sounds selfish but so I am. I'm going to warn you I might be jumping around - it's hell trying to put together sentences from torn off notebook pages and squares of toilet paper.   Well, as far as I could tell the diary starts in a post (very post) occupation, pre (very pre) bubble Japan. It's an account of a twenty-something, x- know-it-all back home in the states,  and  a new, doesn't know anything about anything  girl in this dot-on-the-map, middle of nowhere postage-sized country. I just couldn't resist the challenge of totally turning my entire life around and taking off with one suitcase. I had a little intention I guess to study the writing, the roots of which are from China - Now they tell me! Wonder why I didn't just head for China instead of Japan. Maybe Japan was closer or  something. To be continued when I'm good and ready folks. How about mulling over some instructions on a bunch of bananas "Peel the banana before taking a bite "Oh my  God and I thought that Japanese people ranked way up in the world.  Another masterpiece is:  AUTHORITY  SUCKS"  Tell that to the SOB who pulled you over. You have your rights! You are a graduate of Woodstock '69 - no problem.      Bye for now,     Mountain Mama Japan


  1. You were at Woodstock! How'd I miss you?

  2. Hey! Well, it's taken me a while but I also just love those 3 people - me, myself, I - more than any other company! Perhaps the 6 of us can have a party one day???