Saturday, December 3, 2011

Secret Diary of a Plain Jane Part 1

Hi folks - how was your week? Good I hope like mine - As it's said:  Even if you're rich, beautiful and smart, you still only get twenty-four hours in a day. So do what you can with what you've got.
I don't know how or where to start writing something like this since I never have before. It is  THE  SECRET DIARY OF A PLAIN JANE   Part 1 - I guess that I could say that this is just for my eyes only - like a private confession or something, but you guys are dying to know what really happened. Right? I did make a New Year's resolution to tell it all - even if it's corny or embarrassing, whatever. I thought maybe I'll become a famous writer! I would show those jerks in the office who's boss around there. Ha!  I really did start keeping a diary. Truth or dare! let it all hang out. Yeah, about everything and anything. I never thought that it would be a picnic - but nothing can stop me now. As I look back on what I wrote were bits and pieces of the daily bitch syndrome - but I did say that it was for my eyes only - didn't I?  Stay tuned for Part 2 next time - It takes forever to get to the juicy part but hang in there and you'll see Ms. Plain Jane in action.
Now, some more one liners you see (or don't want to see) on a dude strutting - or stumbling down the street.  YOU'RE IN DEEP YOU-KNOW-WHAT,   Sheesh! Next sounds more brillant:   FASTER, CHEAPER, BETTER - and it ain't a car,   One last dopey one:  GIRLS RULE .... BOYS DROOL (The first part sounded good, but the last part killed the mood).  Whew! I guess that's enough torture for one day - so I'll see you again - I think that you'll be here.
                                                                         Mountain Mama Japan

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